March 3, 2017

Ancient Breads From a Modern Oven

By Mugnaini Staff

Frena Bakery is located amongst the hustle and bustle of 6th Street in downtown San Francisco. Three friends: Isaac, Avi and Yanni are the owners of San Francisco’s only Kosher bakery. They serve up both sweet and savory treats; from challah and pita bread to burekas and even jelly filled donuts! These authentic recipes can be traced back generations to Yanni’s great grandfather Mosheh, who emigrated from Iraq to Israel and eventually owned a bakery in Jerusalem.

One of the many interesting things about these recipes is that
throughout all these years they have not been tampered with. In fact,
the only thing that is different is the way that they are baked. Because
these pastries have traditionally been made in a clay wood fired oven,
the owners found it important to carry on a similar method of cooking,
only more modernized for a large-scale production. That’s where Mugnaini
came into the picture. “We need reliable things that last for a long
time. Especially the brick oven, which is the cherry on the cream of
this organization.” With a Mugnaini commercial 140 gas oven, Frena can
now bake up to 1000 pitas a day. And that’s just pitas; they also use
the oven to bake sambusak, sweet and savory flatbreads and many other
popular baked goods. We have loved working with Frena Bakery and are as
proud of them like great grandfather Mosheh would be! Check them out
next time you’re in San Francisco!

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