November 11, 2016

Holiday Entertaining Tips with your Mugnaini Oven

By Andrea Mugnaini

Holiday entertaining is a great opportunity to showcase your wood fired oven. By being strategic with your menu items, you can take advantage of the unique potential of your Mugnaini oven to offer your friends and family a truly special open hearth experience. Following these tips will help make your meal a great success!

Tip #1: make stock weeks in advance

High heat roasting next to the fire adds the kiss of the flame to turkey, ham, roasts and even your gravy. The added cooking space inside your oven will take the pressure off your regular cooktop. Even our smallest Piccolo 80 oven has room for a half-sheet pan, which is ideal for roasting vegetables the day of your meal.

Tip #2: prep your stuffing days in advance

Next to planning which menu items will be cooked where,  prepping in advance of the holiday meal is a great way to reduce anxiety and build excitement for what could be the most important meal of your year!

Tip #3: preheat your oven the day before

We have all our tried and true holiday favorites in the recipe section. Some of these are the same recipes we have used in our 3-day Holiday Classes for years. There are also some new recipes with flavorful twists on the old standards. You can also adapt old family recipes for the wood fired oven by using the steps in a similar recipe.

Tip #4: prep and stage side dishes the day before

Dessert can be baked long after the fire has gone out (in case some of your guests need a breather). Our terra cotta or porcelain bakers and roasters offer an elegant and convenient oven-to-table presentation and the proper insulating balance for delicate ingredients.  

Our new recipe section is built for easy browsing but you can also use the search function to sort specific menu items. Type Holiday in the search box to see all of the mains, sides and desserts we love to cook at this time of the year.

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