Jeopardy Square – What is PIZZA?

March 22, 2013

Mugnaini was the $400 Square in the Big Unit category on JEOPARDY! America’s Favorite Quiz Show® 6.17.2010. San Francisco’s Paul Kursky had the question Alex Trebek was looking for: What is PIZZA? Now for bonus points, can you tell us which oven model was referenced? Answer: The Commercial Model 180 x 140 has a cooking … read more

A Lifetime of Culinary Adventures

October 18, 2012

Felix Papadakis’ Pizza Passion It all started with lunch. Ten or so years ago. Picture it, Dupont Circle, Washington DC….Pizzeria Paradiso.  A wood fired pizza oven blazed in the background while we awaited its tasty contents.  I was mesmerized. Upon our return to NYC, I obsessed over Google research about wood fired ovens for home use.  It turns … read more – The Glory of the Woodburning Oven

August 21, 2012 article by Paul Etcheverry Most of us take our pizza eating for granted. After all, at the moment of ingestion, all’s right with the world. We’re too busy searing the roof of the mouth with that succulent amalgamation of cheeses, meats, vegetables, mushrooms and tomato on crisp dough to ponder its genesis. Read the … read more

Old World way Alexander Valley entrepreneur Mugnaini a master, teacher of popular wood-fired oven

July 19, 2012

When Andrea Mugnaini approached the Valoriani family about distributing their wood-fired ovens in the U.S. 20 years ago, the Italians shook their heads in disbelief. Who would want such an old-fashioned cooking appliance? The Old World ovens were considered passé, an aging dinosaur teetering on the edge of extinction. They were ready to throw it … read more

MetroActive – Pizza Play at Slow Food Gathering

May 2, 2012

MetroActive Metro Santa Cruz article by Christina Waters May 1-8, 2012 Pizza Play: Last week’s gathering of Slow Food Santa Cruz at the Mugnaini headquarters was an evening of primal sensations. ANY ALTERNATIVE TO fast food has my respect, and after following the international Slow Food movement (–essentially a network of bon vivants in search … read more

Pizzas with pizzazz: Simon Cowell pays out £25,000 for two ovens to cook his favourite snack

September 18, 2011

UK’s Daily Mail article By Caroline Graham September 18, 2011 The UK’s Daily Mail reported about Simon Cowell’s latest remodeling efforts at his Beverly Hills mansion in an article titled “Pizza with Pizzazz”. Quoting Caroline Graham: “The star, known for his TV series The X Factor, is building a new movie theater, pool house and … read more

America’s Best Loved Italian Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

August 18, 2011

In Los Angeles, indoor/outdoor cooking and entertaining are a part of who we are. For two of our recent Beverly Hills projects, at the heart of our clients indoor/outdoor kitchen and living areas has been a Mugnaini wood fired pizza oven. Mugnaini’s ovens have been the choice of some of the America’s top celebrity chefs … read more

NY Times – First the Pizza’s Delivered. Then It’s Cooked.

May 24, 2011

NY Time article by Sofia Perez SEVERAL years ago Douglas Coffin, a caterer in New Haven, built a portable bread oven that he planned to use at big events. When that did not work out (not cost-effective) he decided to put a wood-fired oven aboard a truck, drive to company picnics and birthday parties and … read more

Santa Cruz Sentinel – Wood-fired ovens bring Italy into your backyard

November 29, 2010

Santa Cruz Sentinel article by Ann Parker Sentinel Food Writer The company has a story of its own. In the early 1990s, Andrea Mugnaini became the exclusive North American importer for Refrattari Valoriani — a company commissioned by the postwar Italian government to design the first prefabricated wood-burning ovens more than 50 years ago. Located … read more