Mugnaini Video Contest Winners

November 7, 2014

Nothing Cooks Like a Mugnaini video contest winners the Long family from Calgary, come to cooking school and a staff recipe is revealed.

Largest Bulk Batch

October 2, 2014

Pizza Yield 38 pizzas (7 oz. dough balls) 33 pizzas (8 oz. dough balls) 29 pizzas (9 oz. dough balls) 27 pizzas (10 oz. dough balls) Ingredients 10 lbs. Mugnaini Pizza Flour (or alternate”00″ Pizza flour) ½ oz. Active Dry Yeast 2 oz. salt 12 cups water + ½ cup ¼ cup olive oil to … read more

Large Bulk Batch

October 2, 2014

Pizza Yield: 19 pizzas (7 oz. dough ball) 17 pizzas (8 oz. dough ball) 15 pizzas (9 oz. dough ball) 13 pizzas (10 oz. dough ball) Ingredients 5 lbs. Mugnaini Pizza Flour (or alternate “00” Pizza flour) ¼ oz. Active Dry Yeast 1 oz. salt 6 cups + 1/4 cup water ¼ cup olive oil … read more

Small Batch — Quick 3-Hour Pizza Dough

October 2, 2014

Pizza Yield: 4-5 pizzas (7 oz. dough ball) Ingredients 1 ½ cups warm water, divided 1 (.2 oz.) teaspoon active dry yeast 4 cups (20 oz.) Mugnaini Pizza Flour (or alternate”00″ Pizza flour) 1 teaspoon salt (.2 oz.) drizzle of olive oil Place ¼ cup warm water in a small bowl and sprinkle with the … read more

The Mugnaini Cooking School Garden

July 17, 2014

Wine grapes are only part of Nature’s bounty here in Sonoma County. Tucked in the vineyard, Mugnaini’s School Garden flourishes, providing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for our wood fired cooking classes.

2014 Madison Parade of Homes to feature an indoor Mugnaini oven!

June 11, 2014

Jason DeNoble specified a Medio 100 Masonry Assembled oven that compliments the other high performance, reliable appliances in the kitchen.

Mugnaini wood fired ovens featured in the San Jose Mercury News!

June 5, 2014

“She’s the woman behind some of the best pizzas in the Bay Area and beyond, but you’d never know it. Andrea Mugnaini’s name is not over the door or on the menu — but her burning presence is always there.” Jennifer Graue, San Jose Mercury News

Chef Louis Maldonado to cook Opening Night Dinner at Mugnaini’s 3-Day Culinary Getaway

May 14, 2014

Andrea Mugnaini welcomes back Chef Louis Maldonado to cook opening night dinner for her popular 3-Day Culinary Getaway wood fired cooking classes in May.

A Day Under the Oaks at Santa Rosa JC

May 9, 2014

I love receiving emails like this one from the Santa Rosa Junior College’s recent open house and fund raiser. The Culinary Arts department raised $3000 selling pizza made in their Mugnaini Oven!

Roasted Lamb Chops w/ Spring Garlic and Myer Lemon Marinade

May 7, 2014

Serve these lamb chops as a celebration of Spring when spring garlic is in season. This recipe can be doubled and served as an appetizer.

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