Commercial Pizza Ovens

Mugnaini supplies the world’s finest commercial wood fired pizza ovens to restaurants, schools and pizzerias across America. Chefs have relied on the performance, longevity and adaptability of our various models for over 20 years. Building on this experience, we have learned the lessons required to ensure a successful installation and how to approach the decision on which oven model to choose.

Reese Corgiat is our commercial oven sales manager and brings years of experience to the table. We encourage you to utilize our resources and allow us to consult with you and your team on one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your project.

You may also contact our Canadian Commercial Distributor:
York Line, Inc. 126 Riverview Ave., Woodbridge, ON L4L 2L6  (416) 939-1919

Here are few of the simple yet crucial elements to consider before purchasing a commercial pizza oven:

commercial pizza ovenWhat size oven do I need?
Mugnaini has 7 sizes ranging from 39” to 71” and 2 configurations, round or oval. Your menu is the first thing to think about but you can also benefit by considering how your oven may be used for prep and other cooking duties after service. This is where the feedback and experience we share will help you make the proper decision.

How do I get the oven inside my kitchen?
This sounds like a simple decision but in reality your building is the deciding factor. Often times, a pre-assembled oven cannot fit through door openings or around counters. To satisfy all possible scenarios, Mugnaini ovens are available in three options: factory assembled, factory assembled in kit form (for easy assembly on site) and in a masonry kit (for assembly by your mason).

How do I vent my oven?
The choice on how to vent your oven may not be entirely your decision. Local jurisdictional authorities have a say in the matter and the placement of your oven in the kitchen may be a deciding factor as well. With guidance and proper planning you can avoid the pitfalls that plague many installations.

How do I use my oven?
This is a good question and surprisingly, some restaurateurs wait until their oven is installed before getting any experience. In addition to our Healdsburg cooking school, our showroom is equipped with three live ovens that we make available for menu planning, testing and training. Even if you have used other wood fired ovens in the past, chances are you will expand your knowledge with a three hour class in commercial pizza oven fundamentals.


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