Commercial Wood Fired Oven Training

Commercial Wood Fired Oven TrainingOur commercial training is designed specifically for restaurants and pizzerias using Mugnaini wood or gas fired ovens. The methods used in a commercial kitchen vary greatly from home use and the sheer weight and volume of a commercial oven offers the chef opportunities beyond most expectations.

Our trainings are tailored to your specific needs. We start with discussing how you are going to use your oven and then build a class around your objectives. We take into consideration how many days of the week you are open and what the planned menu will be as this will dictate the oven’s temperature.

It is important to review your menu and determine which items will benefit from cooking in the oven. One of the most common discoveries for chefs is that different foods are best cooked in different oven environments so sometimes a second oven is the better choice over a larger model.

With multiple ovens at both our facilities, we can swiftly go through the entire process of working an oven in a matter of hours. Learn how to:

  • Wood Fired Oven TrainingEfficiently fire a wood fired oven
  • Manage the heat for various cooking environments
  • Make dough, scale dough and prepare for pizza service
  • Open dough and make pizzas
  • Learn which foods are best prepped in the oven
  • Learn which foods are best taken from oven to table
  • Cook your desired menu items
  • Experiment with your menu
  • Close down the oven
  • Use the retained heat the next morning

Of course, wood fired ovens are not limited to pizza. We teach the added value, convenience and efficiency of using a Mugnaini oven in your restaurant. Many clients are shocked to find out how much can be done in the oven and how easy it is to use.

Once you learn to manage your oven you are ready to tap in the potential of the 24- hour cycle of heat that naturally occurs with the deep heat sink of Mugnaini ovens. This predicable cycle allows you to maximize your investment and utilize the oven for morning prep, bread baking and overnight cooking.

Mugnaini has been the trusted oven of chefs and cooking schools across the country for decades. We offer our commercial training as a service to help you get started on your road to discovery and success. Our goal is to enable you to get the most out of your culinary creations and we believe your Mugnaini oven is the best vehicle you can use.

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