A Day Under the Oaks at Santa Rosa JC

by Andrea Mugnaini on May 9, 2014 in Company News & Press

SRJC Culinary Team in front of a Mugnaini oven.

Day Under the Oaks Santa Rosa JC Culinary Team

I thought I would share this email from Jim Cason, the department chair for the Santa Rosa Junior College’s Culinary Arts program. Some of you may have seen an earlier post about Mugnaini’s donation of a large commercial oven to the college. It is very rewarding to see how these students have taken to using their oven for both educational and fundraising activities. Congratulations to all of you who participated in the event! Andrea

Still recovering!

It was amazing. We made approx. 150 pizzas from 12-2. with a gross take of about $3k. We were selling by-the-slice and estimate about 550-575 slices sold. Tony once again was manning the oven and was having no trouble keeping up. He really has gotten quite comfortable. He now just judges the temp by sight and by holding his hand at the oven door.

We can never thank you enough for your support of the program. Our pizzas are the talk of campus and it’s a great learning experience for the students. They get to see first hand how to set up for an event like this where expected attendance is 10k people! They see the importance of good organization when we can put out a great product to a large number of people, and I think the longest wait time was 5 minutes!

Again, we all send many thanks to you and your crew. We’d love to have you come visit sometime soon, maybe this summer? I’m teaching several classes that will be using the oven, not just for pizza, but for other breads and regional cooking.

Here’s a pic of Sunday’s “A” team.


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