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by Andrea Mugnaini on January 27, 2014 in Company News & Press,Mugnaini Videos

Mugnaini's Healdsburg Cooking School and Vineyard

Mugnaini’s Healdsburg Cooking School and Vineyard

First I want to thank everyone who submitted a video for our first ever Nothing Cooks Like a Mugnaini Video Contest! Your efforts in preparing your meals and your videos was impressive. I think you are all winners and I am especially rewarded to see all of our ovens sizes represented and the proper use of oven tools and cooking techniques.

We have uploaded the 5 finalists to our website and Facebook page so now it’s time to vote for your favorite below.

Who will be the lucky winner?

Tommy Stick using his Medio oven for a pizza party Aloha Style?

Chef Peter’s excellent tutorial for braised pheasant and rabbit?

Maybe your taken by Paul’s Thanksgiving day turkey in his Prima oven?

How could you resist the Long’s Christmas dinner in Canada with everything made in the Mugnaini oven?

I’m not sure anyone had more fun than our friends in Arizona using their Piccolo for a full compliment of cooking styles. We just couldn’t resist uploading the entire video.

Now we need your help to pick a finalist to receive a
3-Day Wine Country Culinary Getaway in Healdsburg. Voting ends February 2nd so make your voice heard.

Thank you again Mugnaini fans! Good luck to all the finalists!

Wishing you all the best,


  • Lynn LaMontagne

    I’m voting for Chef Peter! I don’t want to vote via Facebook for privacy reasons but please count my vote!!!

  • John kick

    This is awesome that you share all tho.
    Tom stick wins hands down
    Very nice. Great job everyone.

  • great pizza oven

  • BlaineO

    Take it from us, the Sticks’ pizza oven rocks. We know,
    we were there.

    Blaine and Sherry

  • Tom Emerson

    Have had many meals cooked by Tom at PortVida and Hawaii
    Makes the best baked fish I have ever had !!

  • Carl White

    I Vote for Tommy Sticks Luau..Hi Andrea

  • Leonardo Wasinski

    Tom Stick is my #1 choice.

  • Dave Ehrhardt

    We cast our vote for Tom Stick’s video. (I’m too old for Facebook)

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