1-Day Demonstration Cooking Class

Class price: $145

Andrea Mugnaini teaches this class beginning with the basics of starting a fire to creating a full meal cooked right in front of you. Watch an expert demonstrate the versatility of a wood burning oven and get to taste the results!

Are you considering buying a wood burning pizza oven? Do you have questions about the best place to install an oven? Confused by the claims of the variety of appliances all claiming to bake perfect pizza? This is the class for you; bring your questions and even your plans and we will dispel the myths and help bring clarity to your project.

watsonville2This class will teach you:

  • How to properly fire an oven in three easy steps
  • How to manage an oven for different cooking environments
  • How to bake a pizza in 2 minutes
  • How to create a complete meal from your oven
  • Which oven accessories you need to cook at home
  • How to choose the best oven for your needs
  • How to plan for and install a wood burning oven
  • How to choose between a masonry or factory assembled model
  • How to care and maintain your oven

Come hungry as a full meal will be served from the pizza oven!


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