How to Use Your Mugnaini Wood-Fired Oven

Interior Wood Fired Oven

Here is a list of documents you can download to assist you in getting started with your oven and helping you develop your wood fired cooking skills. If you have additional qustions, our staff would be happy to assist you—just give us a call at (888) 887-7206.

  • Curing Instructions for your Piccolo, Medio, or Prima ovens [ PDF ]
  • How to Fire Your Oven [ PDF | Video ]
  • Oven Cooking Environments
    • All Cooking Environments [ PDF ]
    • Pizza Baking [ Video ]
    • Bread Baking [ PDF ]
    • Roasting and Sautéing [ Video ]
    • Grilling with Tuscan Grill [ Video ]
  • Ceramic Cookware Care [ PDF ]

Setting the standard in wood fired cooking since 1989

Exterior Wood Fired Pizza OvenAndrea Mugnaini opened the American home market to the possibilities of cooking and entertaining with a wood fired oven in 1989. At that time homeowners had limited resources to choose from and a knowledge base geared for restaurants and bakeries, not well suited for the home. Andrea’s ground breaking work helped demonstrate the potential for wood fired ovens in the home and how the right oven can be used easily and effectively for any recipe.

Driven by a passion for this Old World style of cooking, Andrea partnered with Valoriani to develop a line of home ovens that encompass all the benefits of modern technology with the heart and soul of a true Italian oven. Tuning the Valoriani oven for American sensibilities was the key to create an oven that is quick to heat and easy to use. Our results speak for themselves – don’t you deserve a Mugnaini oven?

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