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Masonry Kit

The traditional assembly method uses concrete, block and other masonry elements to build a structure to house the pizza oven.
7 oven models to choose from.

Masonry Kit

The Masonry Kit may be installed indoors or outdoors. The masonry structure offers flexibility in design but it is also a permanent fixture. As such, a Masonry Kit makes a good investment if you own the building.

• Lowest initial cost with user friendly assembly and detailed step-by-step instruction manual
• Greater flexibility in design with various external enclosure shapes possible
• Sturdier construction able to support heavy stone, brick or a chimney chase
• Experienced customer service staff to assist with concept, design and installation




Each of our 7 oven models can be shipped to you pre-assembled. Built of sturdy steel construction and refractory materials, you can choose from 6 distinct styles.
Can't get this into your restaurant? Go Knock Down.

Factory Assembled

Our same Masonry Oven fully assembled by expert craftsmen with over 25 years of experience. Engineered to match the performance of a masonry assembly using refractory and steel in a compact, cost effective design.

• Metal frame and cement board construction creates a smaller footprint for greater space efficiency
• Oven built on proprietary refractory concrete for superior thermal mass and a longer life than insulation
• Can't get this into your restaurant? Go Knock Down.
• Freestanding, portable and non-permanent structure for outdoor use


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose an oven from Mugnaini plus

When you choose an oven from Mugnaini, you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality product that delivers what we promise. The Piccolo 60 is a real pizza oven only in smaller form. It is constructed with the same materials as our larger ovens and built to offer years of service.

How long does it take to heat the oven? plus

90 minutes.

What can I cook besides pizza? plus

You will be able to roast meats, fish and vegetables, bake bread, and use the oven floor like a cook top to saute, braise and more!

What is the oven floor made of? plus

The oven floor is made of a custom firebrick engineered specifically for baking pizza.

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