Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Your Home

Every culture has cooked with live fire but it is the Italian wood burning pizza oven that has withstood the test of time and emerged as the ideal cooking appliance for both great food and entertaining. Now, the once humble wood fired oven is the envy of cooks everywhere.

The high temperature and the ability to cook right next to a roaring fire transforms ordinary food into delicious meals. To cook like this, you need more than an appliance labeled “pizza oven”, you need proper cooking dynamics. With a Mugnaini oven your menu is unlimited!
Watch as Andrea demonstrates the versatility of a Mugnaini Oven.

Models Designed to Fit Every Lifestyle

All Mugnaini ovens share the same oven design and proprietary materials that have made them Best in Class worldwide for decades. However, as needs and usage vary, we have separated our oven line up into two levels: our original home oven and a heavier commercial grade oven.


Our original home oven is the best choice for most homeowners. The dome and floor heat up quickly to create a balanced thermal mass that ensures consistency and ease of use. They also transition quickly from hotter pizza temperatures to roasting and baking temperatures evenly. This makes them ideal for serving multi-course meals.
  • MODELS: Piccolo 80, Medio 100 & Medio 110.


Commercial grade ovens for your home simply have a thicker dome and a correspondingly thicker floor. This means they will take longer to heat up but the oven will hold the heat longer. This is advantageous for bread bakers, those looking to entertain on a grand scale or for the self-admitted foodie who plans on multiple days of cooking.
  • MODELS: Prima 100 & Prima 120.

The distinct advantages we enjoy when cooking are made possible by several factors inherent in the design of the Mugnaini oven. These are:

  • A low vaulted dome with expansion joints
    The low vaulted dome directs the flame evenly across the oven. The expansion joints provide a long service life allowing the user to heat an oven from cold to 1000 F in an hour or less without stressing the dome.
  • Italian firebrick floor made specifically for pizza ovens
    The floor of your oven is both the cooking surface and where the fire resides. Only firebrick is strong enough to withstand the intense heat of red hot coals and offer the porous surface essential for good pizza crust.
  • Proper oven dynamics via the critical dome to arch relationship
    One of the hallmarks of the Mugnaini oven is a natural convection flow of heat inside the dome and a flame path that travels from side to side rather than across the top and straight out the flue. This is created by the shape of the dome and the internal arch which seals off the bake chamber.
  • Internal venturi exhaust flue for active damping with live fire
    Another unique element of our oven is the internal exhaust flue which gives us the ability to damp down the oven for hours of high heat roasting with flame. By using the door as a damper we can lock the oven into a temperature range without putting the fire out or building up smoke.


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