Pre-Assembled Knock Down (PAKD)

When PAKD is Useful

  • Commercial or residential installations with limited entrances
  • Residential exterior installations with a small gate or narrow side yard that will prohibit a factory built oven from being transported from the street to the installation location
  • See a Residential PAKD Installation photo series
  • See a Commercial PAKD Example photo series

What is PAKD?

  • Pre-Assemble Knock Down: We dry assemble an oven, trace the floor out on the "tray,"  break all the parts down and clearly label everything for easy reassembly and pack the oven in 2 crates ready for liftgate delivery (in most cases) to your job site.
  • The 2 crates contain everything needed to return the oven back to the factory assembled state; stand, thermal slab, oven components, mortar, insulation blanket, oven enclosure, venting starter (inside of oven) & perlite insulation.


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