Selecting a Residential Oven

Step 1: Consider the size oven you will need.

Interior Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Cooking in a wood fired oven brings many positive aspects to mealtime. Reasons for ownership vary but choosing the best oven for your project is easier than you may think. Choose the largest oven that will fit into your space and budget.

Use your cookware as a guide. Take a look at the tables below to understand the capacity with each model and how it fits your lifestyle, or use our handy comparison chart.

Small ovens may be harder to use. Don’t be fooled by big claims–a small oven does not mean “entry-level”. A tiny, imitation 24″ oven cooks nothing like a genuine Mugnaini Wood Fired Oven. A small fire easily overpowers the oven making it a challenge at best and the results are like it was cooked on a barbecue grill. Our Piccolo 80 offers the ability to bake two pizzas or roast a small turkey with amazing results!

Consider how you will most often use the oven. Are you a one turkey family or two? A larger oven will cook more, but has a longer startup time. Are you a commercial-grade candidate? Both the residential and commercial ovens offer the same internal shape and cooking quality, but our commercial ovens hold heat longer because they are built with thicker components. If you are hosting large scale parties, working with a professional chef, bake multiple batches of bread, or just want the same type of wood fired pizza oven used by top chefs like Guy Fieri, Emeril or Mario Batali have you may want a commercial-grade oven.

If you have questions, just call us at (888) 887-7206. We’ll guide you through the whole process and answer any questions you might have!

Mugnaini – 5 Sizes to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Step 2: Consider the shape you want and where your oven will go.

Any oven size can be installed in any surrounding shape. Choose from indoor or outdoor wood fired oven models. When you look through the shapes, review the specifications and pricing sheets for the details of your particular needs.

Mugnaini Factory Assembled Ovens ship fully assembled and ready for chimney attachment and finish work. Available in 6 standard shapes, these ovens offer a contractor friendly solution that guarantees your oven will be properly assembled with the essential thermal mass to perform like a wood burning pizza oven should!

Masonry Oven Kits are built on your site using concrete blocks with a concrete and sand layer that creates the thermal mass under the floor for deep, even heat. These specifications can be modified with a variety of roof styles to compliment your homes architecture.

6 Standard Shapes

These documents are intended to provide information on sizing, placement and building requirements for Mugnaini ovens. They contain general guidelines and may be submitted to building departments.

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