Our experience with our wood oven has led us back to the real question of life…What is the most important thing?

For years we lived an overly hectic and emotionally out-of-kilter life. We realized that we would have to make some changes to survive the chaos! We searched for ways to restore the balance. Our Mugnaini wood oven has given us all that!

We purchased our oven a few years ago, with the intent of guiding us to a more meaningful approach to life. From the moment it was delivered to our door the excitement began. The directions were simple to follow and the support desk was always prompt with the answers we needed to continue the build.

The first year we followed all instructions watched the videos and thankfully mastered the pizza. Many shapes, sizes, flavors, we had so much fun. We hosted parties for charity and fulfilled our need to give back. Then we had a brilliant idea to take the 3 day culinary challenge in Healdsburg. My, did we experience the capabilities of our oven. We have embraced the art of wood oven cooking, which also benefited the balance we were searching for in our hectic days. We are forced to slow down and celebrate each day preparing our meals together.

Cooking is so simple in our wood oven. Aquilino learned that there was more to life than a toasted sandwich and soup! The recipes we made were so easy to follow, and everything was so scrumptious. We now de-bone our Christmas turkey, even in our cold Canadian winters!

We furthered our education with a week in “Bella” Tuscany. Andrea and her team created an unforgettable culinary experience we will forever be grateful for. Again Andrea and her expertise, guided us gently, making us look like cooking Rock Stars! Our favorite meal starts with a pizza appetizer and the adventure continues from there…

Thank You, Andrea, for sharing your passion.
Aquilino & Maryanne Naccarato

I have every appliance under the sun. My Mugnaini oven is my favorite thing in the kitchen… It is my hobby and my passion. I wake up every morning and can’t wait to start that fire! I am constantly cooking and inventing recipes, I am inspired every day. It’s the happiest thing I own. I have found it to be the easiest thing I have ever done. It inspires me to cook, inspires me on a daily basis. I am not a chef, I just love cooking for my friends and family.

Kim Unicum
Winter Park, CO

“La Famiglia” is the Italian translation for “The Family”. From my first contact with Mugnaini, I felt like part of the family. I had researched several ovens for my restaurant, but every aspect of the Mugnaini company surpassed expectations.

The oven is an amazing piece of equipment – reliable, efficient, easy to use… and turns out an incredible product, every time. But, what is really superior about Mugnaini is their customer service. Every question is answered, every page turned, every need attended to. Andrea is an incredible resource in not only how to use the oven correctly and efficiently, but in learning actually how to make pizza and other wood-fired fare, source ingredients, and maximize the oven’s potential.

Reese went out of his way to make sure that the oven was approved with a direct vent both by the Air Quality Control Board and the Health Department of Mendocino County. Every time I have a technical question about the oven – even now, one year later – Reese immediately answers my calls.

I have never second guessed my choice of a Mugnaini wood-fired oven! My kitchen staff even wears Mugnaini baseball caps at work just to show what big fans we really are!


It wasn’t until I cooked using a Mugnaini oven that I realized how much less-than-magnificent my own wood burning oven was. Not to mention most of the others I have cooked in – including a very expensive restaurant grade oven with gas back up.

I’m fresh from a 3 day cooking class in Sonoma with Andrea where my very mature game was raised significantly. She had 8 different ovens, all working, all different styles including one in her incredibly beautiful kitchen. I mention the latter as I simply couldn’t believe the absence of any smoke migration or odor at all into her house.

We fired our first oven and within 51 minutes we were up to temperature and cooking pizzas. And then pheasant, and zucchini, and roasted peppers, and tenderloin, breads, pies… well, you get the picture.

In the first hour, Andrea changed fundamental beliefs I had about cooking in this beautiful appliance, not the least of which is that it was exactly that – an appliance.

Andrea is a very accomplished and passionate chef and educator and in her presentation communicated that the oven was a simple appliance, easy to use and maintain and truly the most versatile tool in the kitchen – or deck, or back yard. And it is beautiful and very cool. All I have to do now is find someone who wants to steal my 2000 lb oven so I can get a Mugnaini!

Bob Cole


Thank you a million times! I now know a brick oven has so much more to contribute to cooking than just cooking pizzas!

Taking Mugnaini’s three-day brick oven cooking school back in April was the best! WOW, unbelievable, we talk about it all the time and share the various recipes we learned with our friends and guests. It’s so much more fun having an understanding of temperatures and what can be cooking in the different heat zones and different times during the rise and fall to “pizza temperatures”…. and how easy it is to alter the temperatures with a simple movement of the coals. No longer are we waiting around for the oven to reach “pizza temperature”, we are now cooking everything from vegetables to meats, from fish to deserts and now even bread!

Thank you for giving our oven a life of its own – it is the “go to” for guests and parties!

Sign us up! We want to go to Tuscany next year for the classes.

All the best,
Peter and Stacy

To my surprise I use my oven every night unless it is raining! And my first impression was that this was an appliance I would use only a couple of times a month.

Food simply tastes better when cooked in my Mugnaini oven. I have tried the exact same recipes on my gas grill and the results are not as moist and delicious as when I cook them in the oven. I had also thought that this oven would take a long time to heat and prepare for cooking. However, I have discovered that I spend just as much time heating a grill as I do the oven. Now I am putting another oven into my desert home to cook during the winter months.

Steve Hansel
Santa Rosa, CA

We decided to butterfly the turkey this year… also known as “Spatchcocking”.
Wow! It cooked in no time, and was juicy and tender to boot. Try it and pass it on to your students. It’s the way to go in a wood fired oven.

We still rave about your cooking class we took in California. Continued success in the New Year.

Bob Schmidt
Milton, MA

Dear Andrea,
I wanted to say that is really great to call your organization and get someone on the phone immediately. Most companies put you through up to six menus before you reach anyone. I really appreciate that.

Tom Lloyd
Medio 110

Here are some photos of the final project- all has turned out well. To date we have done several pizzas, pork roast, prime rib, fish, vegetables and the Thanksgiving Turkey. And we have a holiday party coming up for around 40 people so I guess that will be the true test.

I want to give our mason a mention – he really did a great job for us so if anyone is looking for some help in the area – I would highly recommend him.

Thanks for the help,
Tony Camerota

Somehow Lisa and I decided to get a wood fired pizza oven for our back garden. We learned of Mugnaini Imports and … after taking one of their introductory classes we committed to installing one.

When we decided to have a large party at our house, however, we didn’t feel confident enough to cook for 40 people. To our delight, Andrea Mugnaini herself was available to apply her considerable skills to the event. We knew the pizzas would be excellent, and the meats perfectly roasted. Let the dining begin!

John Marshall

Dear Andrea and Reese,
Wanted to let you know that we are ecstatic about our new Mobile 120 Mugnaini assembled oven. This weekend The Pizza Wagon Catering Co. prepared 300 pizzas in 3 hours and the last was as good as the first. As you know we had been struggling with our first Pizza Wagon that was assembled in Arizona and it is a joy to use Pizza Wagon II with your pre-assembled oven on it.

We will hopefully be building Pizza Wagon III in the Spring and have begun to market the sale of fully operational Pizza Wagons. We already have our first potential customer for a fully operational Pizza Wagon from our first event using our new Mugnaini oven. We wouldn’t consider equipping our Pizza Wagons with anything other than your wonderful fully assembled ovens and look forward to working with Mugnaini as we build our business.

Thanks for all your help and support.

Howard J. Goldstein, Co-Owner
The Pizza Wagon Catering Co.
I love the pizza wagon

Buon giorno Andrea,
Well, with the help of 4 hefty guys, Larry got the slab down to the patio. The two of us put the “jigsaw ” oven together with no trouble thanks to good instructions from Reese. It’s beginning to look like a pizza oven! our next step will be the “surround” and then the curing.

We want to sincerely thank you both for your tremendous support and helpfulness. Getting this oven is a complete luxury for us, and we wanted it to be fun. So far, it is! This is so exciting!

Jan and Larry Mangili
Sonora, CA

Dear Andrea,
We have often thought about what you have added to our lives. We are getting over our trepidations in the use of the oven. Day before yesterday we had pizza followed by the preparation of six different Craig Ponsford breads. They turned out perfectly.

We thank you for being able to achieve this.

Herb Hindler and Cynthia Wood
Pismo Beach, CA

Sorry that I didn’t have a chance to thank you in person before you left. We gained so much from your short time here, we are very grateful for that. The fact that you made yourself available to us both while you were here and after has proven to me that we not only bought a piece of equipment but we bought into the family.

I look forward to sending you pictures of our creations.

Thanks again,
David Carrier, Executive Chef
Sea Island, The Cloister, The Spa and Beach Club
Sea Island, GA

Hi Andrea and Reese,
I am sending you a couple of pictures from some events over the past month. The truck and the quality of the pizza have been a huge hit so far. We are well on our way to building out the second truck with more in the pipeline. Although through word of mouth we have been busy, we plan to officially launch the business in the spring. We plan to have the truck featured on Fox and Friends in 2011. We also plan to exhibit a truck at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago in May. We hope to have our web site up by mid December.

Hope all is well with you guys. I hope to make it back out your way in the new year.

Mark Sullivan
Wilton, CT

Hello Reese:
We have the go ahead with on the pizza oven -THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

Wayne Blessing
Flat Rock Wood Room
Hendersonville, NC

Greetings from Northern Michigan. I thought I would drop you note to let you know how much we enjoy our Mugnaini oven. We have used it for everything from baking bread to pizza, and even cooked a 17 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving.

My wife gave me a surprise 60th birthday party and hired a chef with a lot of wood cooking experience. She cooked 40 individual custom pizzas in two hours. That’s a pizza every three minutes for two hours.

Thanks for the great product and we have recommended your oven to others!

Jim Manthei
Rosetta Hardscapes, LLC
Charlevoix, MI

Hello Andrea:
We recently purchased your new cookbook and prepared 3 dishes for Mothers Day. We prepared Prime Rib, Chicken Cacciatore and Cherry Clafouti, all of which turned out magnificent. Thank you for publishing this cook book. We are anxious to try more of the recipes. We are now able to fully utilize our oven with the use of this book. We just can’t say enough on how tasty everything was from our oven, we can only say Thanks.

Tom and Peggy Gantz
Pope Valley, CA

Dear Andrea,
I’m Janis Frey’s brother and wanted to thank you for signing and sending your cookbook. We appreciate the effort and our friends, John and Sari, were very excited to receive it. On first looking through it, John remarked that it answered some questions he had about firing the oven and also that he very much appreciated the photos featured with each of the recipes. Thanks again.

Tom and Lynn Howard
Seattle, WA

Dear Andrea,
I don’t know if you remember me or my husband, Ted Swinnerton, from your oven cooking demonstration. We bought our oven liner from Mugnaini, and I have been meaning to send you pictures of our oven. You can see that we had the stone masons build a compartment on the left of the opening to hold the utensils and a wood bin below.

I have really enjoyed cooking almost everything in the oven from slow roasting pork osso buco to quail to breakfast pizzas with an egg cracked on top. Ted recently gave me your cookbook, and I love the recipes that you included. It has heightened our enjoyment of the oven.

Best regards,
Johanna Allston
Glenmoore, PA

Dear Mugnaini team,
I purchased a Medio 110 last summer and had it installed as part of a major kitchen renovation. I just wanted to let you know that we love our Mugnaini wood oven and it has become a focal point not only of our kitchen but of our family routine.

Thanks very much for your many phone calls of assistance (Reese especially) with our builder helping to ensure that a somewhat complicated flu system worked out perfectly.

Happy holidays and our best regards,
Bill and Marcia Reinstein
Sudbury, MA

Dear Andrea,
You have created a fabulous product — I believe that your wood fired ovens can change the world! I can see why you have succeeded — smart, charming, elegant, great teacher, passionate about life — congratulations!

You have altered my life — but now I am obsessed with cooking in it. Anne will confirm, I have never cooked in my life!
Thanks for a great day and we hope to have a great event with you.

Bob Arns, Proprietor
Tournesol Wine
Napa Valley, CA

I want to thank you for all your help with our oven project. It was a real pleasure for me to come down to Watsonville to meet you and take your cooking class. I found it extremely helpful.

I loved the fig and raspberry dessert you made and would be very grateful if you would send me the recipe. I can’t wait for your cookbook!

Thanks again,
Daniel Newbrun
Oakland, CA

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I am enjoying my oven. As a homeowner never taking on such a project as this one, I must say Rico has gone above and beyond what I expected the end level of service from Mugnaini. I know now that I made the right decision going with Mugnaini, but I just wanted you to know what a help Rico has been with this project.

I am having so much fun showing off my new oven as well as cooking in it.

Thanks for everything,
Paul Lambert
Fresno, CA

All – The “Robert & Linda Koch Mugnaini oven” is operating and has produced outstanding pizzas, the fabulous chicken/fennel dish and rave reviews on the apple crisp. We can’t wait for our next adventure, but before becoming more bold, this note is to extend our compliments for your support during these initial phases. The virtual video assist as a refresher from our hands-on visit was perfect! It was almost as if y’all were here in person. Well done indeed. My thanks as well on a phone consultation with a member of your team. I appreciated having someone to check with as I was planning to have the pizza as appetizers and complete dinner without losing momentum of the party between courses. I prepared the chicken and apple crisp in advance of the company arrival and stoked up the fire for the pizza fun!

Thanks again for the support network!

Linda and Robert Koch
Lexington, NC

I am so happy with my oven and I want to thank you for being so friendly and helpful. I will send you a picture as the landscaper did a fantastic job.

Thanks for your help,
Mike Magoline
Akron, OH

I know Joel has talked to you but, I just had to tell you what a great job you and your crew did. You are a very professional and classy team. I could not have asked for better people to take over my kitchen. I have never had anyone come into my home and cater anything before. Joel and I are usually the ones cooking for everyone. After our guests left that night we looked around and it was almost like you were never here. Everything had been put in its place. Even the garbage had been taken out. What a fantastic meal presentation!!! Our guests are still telling us what a nice night it was. Joel is a great gourmet cook and that is why this dinner was such a great birthday gift, because he can recognize quality from the beginning of the meal to the very end. Thank you so much for making it such a spectacular evening.

Shirley Co
Dos Palos, CA

Thank you so much for the wonderful thanksgiving class last Sunday. The food was great, I think I got enough instruction to give it a good try and my wife and children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon (Maura,Marcella and Valentina). I hope you liked the \”BRAZ\” book on Brazilian pizzas and I really hope we keep in touch.

Best regards,
Daniel Cytrynowicz
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Andrea,
What a treat to see you and John at work with your ovens. I’m still daydreaming of all that you served us for lunch. Thank you both so much . Frank, Maria, Ann Marie and I are very excited about the possibilities of working with you in creating this “Tuscan Garden” idea for our garden center in Morgan Hill.

Frank and I are considering the commercial size oven, after watching you in action. Thank you again. Hope to hear from you.

Karen Bernosky
Morgan Hill, CA

Everything went great with the construction, can’t thank you guys enough. I followed the curing process pretty much to the ‘T’ this weekend and had pizza last night. It was great! Plenty to learn but it was great. I couldn’t be happier.

Darrin Uecker
San Mateo, CA

Works great for pizza and bread but to my surprise it is even better for roasting veggies and meat…What a treat! I’m a raving fan!”

Sal Rositano
San Jose, CA

The food which we have cooked in the oven has been simply superb; not just the pizzas, but the chickens, veal shoulder, prime rib, vegetables, breads, etc…. The oven is tremendous fun.

Jim & Priscilla Growney
Kanuela, HI

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