Italy's Original Wood-Fired Oven

Mugnaini Wood Fired Ovens

Whether you are looking to entertain friends, transform your family meals or open a restaurant, a wood fired oven from Mugnaini can offer a uniquely rewarding experience found nowhere else.

Andrea Mugnaini opened the home market to wood fired pizza ovens back in 1989. Since then, she has become an internationally recognized expert in the field. Her work of interpreting the Old World Style of using an authentic Italian oven has transformed the way Americans look at pizza ovens today.

Andrea Mugnaini cooking in a wood-fired oven
Andrea Mugnaini
Owner and Founder
Why Choose an Oven from Mugnaini?
  • 23 years of Groundbreaking Experience
  • Valoriani - Italy's Original Modular Pizza Oven
  • Classic Design and Timeless Materials
  • Dual Density Modular Dome
  • Italian Firebrick Floor
  • Venturi Exhaust Manifold & Internal Flue

  • Nothing Cooks Like a Mugnaini Oven
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