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Giving Back One Pizza at a Time

I consider it a privilege for me and my family to come to the V Foundation Wine Week every year to serve pizza to the guests supporting this extraordinary event which raises millions for the V Foundation and cancer research.

Cancer probably touches every family so I really appreciate how they honor top researchers and new discoveries like the BRCA gene mutations that are helping with breast and ovarian cancers, and more. It’s such good work to help on such an enjoyable evening.

I am also proud to know our clients support this event. Here is a comment from our Facebook page. Way to go Bob, we’ll always have a pizza for you and your friends!

See you this evening. My friends and I are volunteering every year until a cure is found for cancer.

Bob Gligorea

The first year we cooked, I was pleasantly surprised at all the Mugnaini oven owners that came by to say hi. Now I feel like a celebrity when I hear “Oh look, I have that book in my kitchen – I follow it all the time!” or “I have a Mugnaini oven too and I love it!”.

We’ll continue to support V Foundation as long as it takes to find a cure and we hope you do too. See you next year!

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