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Indoor or Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Helpful Hints

Mugnaini pizza oven may be installed indoors or outdoors. Masonry kits are the traditional building method but if you have space or weight constraints, our pre-assembled ovens offer a great solution with no compromises!

Indoor: Things to consider for indoor installations are clearances to combustible materials and venting. Mugnaini ovens are UL approved to fire safety standards for a two-inch clearance to combustibles.

When venting a Mugnaini appliance indoors it is important to take into consideration the UL standards as well as your local codes for venting and installation. These can range from a simple chimney run to a more involved chimney run that might require a mechanical venting option. Please review your plans with your Architect, Contractor or other Professional with whom you are working. We also encourage you to call and discuss these details with Mugnaini staff. Our overall goal is to ensure that your Mugnaini oven is vented properly to ensure safe and effective oven operations.

Mugnaini recommends the use of our storm door when your indoor oven is not in use. This will prevent cold air from entering through your chimney pipe.

Outdoor: The main thing to consider with outdoor installations is to ensure that the installation is secure and does not take on moisture. If you are building a masonry kit it is very important to follow our instructions for installation including the venting. Do not deviate from the instructions! If you have a Pre- Assembled oven be sure and follow our instructions for setting the oven into place and for proper venting.

In addition to providing the architecture and design, your oven’s enclosure walls (which contain the oven components and insulation), are required to isolate and protect the cooking elements (oven floor and overhead crown elements) and insulation (blanket and perlite) from moisture.

Water is the enemy of masonry. If your oven floor and overhead crown elements have taken on water over an extended period of time they could ultimately deteriorate.

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