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Why Buy From Mugnaini?

America’s Most Experienced Pizza Oven Company

Founded in 1989, we have decades of experience providing homeowners with wood and gas fired ovens ideally suited for how we want to cook today. Steeped in history and sourced from Italy’s legendary oven builder, Mugnaini ovens grace the kitchens of the finest restaurants, cooking schools and homes across North America.

At Mugnaini we pride ourselves on providing clients with knowledgeable customer service and sales support. It’s the hallmark of our brand.

Andrea Mugnaini

Italy’s Original Modular (prefab) Pizza Oven

It all starts with the Italy’s finest pizza oven components. Invented in 1946 as a solution to the limitations of brick built ovens, Refrattari Valoriani created the world’s first modular oven components. These ovens have become the blueprint for today’s pizza oven market.

The Art of Wood Fired Cooking

Andrea Mugnaini has dedicated herself to introducing homeowners to the heartfelt style of cooking and entertaining with an open hearth oven. Commonly referred to as a pizza oven, our wood fired ovens transform meals into an event to remember.

Buying an oven is just start of the journey. Learning how to get the most from your investment and sharing the fruits of your efforts with family and friends is a never ending story. And we are there for you every step of the way. From our cookbook to our cooking school, we share the techniques, recipes and fun along the way.

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