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Summer Grilling and the Perfect Portable Pizza Oven

Just in time for summer, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Piccolo 75, the perfect portable pizza oven. Manufactured by Valoriani, the Piccolo 75 is smaller in size but has same great features as the rest of our Mugnaini lineup.

It’s an ideal solution if you have limited space in your home or apartment. Designed to roll easily, this oven has lockable wheels, and the stainless chimney pipe and cap are removable for more compact storage.

Piccolo 75

Available in traditional wood or gas fired options, your oven is delivered to your door ready to use with a full set of cooking utensils. Just roll it out, lock the wheels, and light it up. You’ll be cooking delicious pizzas, meats, fish, veggies⁠—even baking breads and deserts⁠—in no time.

Take a look at our video, featuring our own Giano Del Curto, to see the Piccolo 75 in action.

Learn more about the Piccolo 75!

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