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Get the Most out of Your Oven

All the Accessories You Need For Perfect Wood Fired Cooking!


Ever place a log on the fire, only to watch it smolder? Do your pizzas come out of the oven with ash-coated crusts? Are you watching your pan of chicken burn while you try to pull it out with a metal peel? Solce these problems and perfect your technique with professional-grade oven tools from Muganini!


Everything you need for a perfect pizza, sold as a kit or individually; wood peel for making pizzas, infrared thermometer, brass floor brush, professional stainless steel turning peel, ash rake for moving coals inside the oven, a log stand for easier fire maintenance, a stainless steel hook for reaching inside the oven and a pair of Burnguard mitts for handling hot cookware. Shop accessories to get the most out of your wood fire oven cooking experience! 

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Covid-19 Announcement

While we are still conducting business, our office is closed to the public to protect the health and safety of our staff and the community. A limited number of staff are working safely to fulfill orders and freight companies continue to provide shipping services. Feel free to contact us regarding your order or if you have any questions.