Customized for Your Specific Needs

Our 4-Hour Commercial Training (to be scheduled privately)

Explore how to maximize your pizza oven for an extensive range of cooking styles and leverage the 24-hour cycle of heat 7-days a week. Learn why your Mugnaini oven is the most efficient appliance in your kitchen.
This hands-on class focuses on your specific needs in working with your Mugnaini oven. We dedicate our entire classroom solely to the training of you and your staff. Whether you want to develop a dough program, practice your pizza technique or develop and test your menu, this day is devoted to your success!

We’ll demonstrate techniques, answer technical questions, from cooking tips to choosing accessories, planning and installation, through care and maintenance. Discover what sets Mugnaini ovens apart, and get help choosing an oven model, if you’re still undecided.

This class is customized to focus on your specific needs for owners, chefs, investors, or developers. Gain an understanding of what this equipment can bring to your establishment. The better you and your staff are trained, the more you can increase profits.

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Topics Covered

We teach the added value, convenience and efficiency of using a Mugnaini oven in your restaurant. Many clients are surprised to find out how much can be done in the oven and how easy it is to use. With multiple live ovens at our facility, we can swiftly go through the entire process of working in an oven in a matter of hours.

  • Menu review — which of your items are best suited for your oven
  • Kitchen and station layout
  • Materials list (cookware, utensils, etc.)
Oven and Temperature Management
  • Proper firing techniques
  • How to regulate your oven’s temperature
  • Utilizing the heat zones within the oven
  • Keeping the oven on a 24-hour schedule


If you’re traveling from out of town, check online as the wine country has many options to choose from, or contact us for accommodation suggestions.