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The Mugnaini Sales Team

A Passion for Service

Dedicated to the Art of Wood Fired Cooking since 1989, we are America’s most experienced and knowledgeable open hearth oven company. We pride ourselves on our customer service as much as the quality of our ovens. We’ll work with you on every facet of choosing, building, installing, and cooking with your Mugnaini oven. Our goal is to welcome our clients to the heartfelt style of cooking and entertaining that’s possible with an authentic Italian open hearth pizza oven.

Professional chefs and homeowners regularly tell us how much they appreciate the depth of our service. The friendships we’ve formed with many of our clients, vendors, and our own staff have lasted for decades. Located in the heart of California’s Sonoma Wine Country, we’re passionate open hearth cooks ourselves. We thrive on sharing the experiences and joys of life, and started our cooking school so that both professional and home chefs can fully enjoy the incredible variety of food that can be prepared in a Mugnaini.

Reese Corgia shows us around Mugnaini
Andrea and the team demonstrate pizza dough techniques
Located in the heart of California’s Sonoma Wine Country

We Live in Sonoma Wine Country

Visitors are always welcome at our state-of-the-art showroom, cooking school, and culinary resource center in beautiful Healdsburg, CA. Pick our brains about all things Mugnaini or take a class with Andrea Mugnaini and staff. Placing our headquarters, warehouse, and production facility in Sonoma County is intentional. We work where we live, surrounded by inspiring beauty. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday 8am–5pm and features a working kitchen with 2 live ovens. Call for free consulting and plan reviews, or for oven demonstrations or Saturday appointments.

Our private cooking school three-day classes are taught on Andrea’s 30 acre vineyard in Alexander Valley just a few minutes drive from our HQ. Housed in a renovated farmhouse with indoor and outdoor ovens, an herb garden, and a vegetable garden, the grounds and vistas offer a pure wine country experience. These three-day Culinary Getaways feature accommodations at Hotel Healdsburg or Hotel Les Mars with Mugnaini private shuttle service to allow you to fully indulge your senses in all that wine country has to offer. Remember to make a visit to Mugnaini part of your wine country experience.

Our Tight-knit Family

Reese Corgiat - with Mugnaini since 1996

Reese Corgia

With Mugnaini since 1996
Elle, top dog


Top Dog
Terry Smyth - with Mugnaini since 2016

Terry Smyth

With Mugnaini since 2016
Adrian Quiroz - with Mugnaini since 2002

Adrian Quiroz

With Mugnaini since 2002
Juan Manuel Farias - with Mugnaini since 2007

Juan Manuel Farias

With Mugnaini since 2007
Jose Saul Hernandez - with Mugnaini since 2013

Jose Saul Hernandez

With Mugnaini since 2013
Carlos Jimenez - with Mugnaini since 2015

Carlos Jimenez

With Mugnaini since 2015

Where Culinary Dreams Become Reality

Our modern 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse and production facility allows us to build a better oven. Factory assembled ovens are built on-site, while our metal work is done nearby to keep production local, efficient, and reduce our carbon footprint. With over 100 pizza ovens in stock, we offer next-day shipping on most models, and customer pickups are available by appointment.

Covid-19 Announcement

While we are still conducting business, our office is closed to the public to protect the health and safety of our staff and the community. A limited number of staff are working safely to fulfill orders and freight companies continue to provide shipping services. Feel free to contact us regarding your order or if you have any questions.