What is Perlite?

What is Perlite and Why do we Use it? Perlite is the commonly accepted generic term for naturally occurring siliceous...

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Mugnaini oven warehouse

Why Buy from Mugnaini?

Founded in 1989, we have decades of experience providing homeowners with wood and gas fired ovens ideally suited for how...

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Mugnaini wood fired oven

Wood vs. Gas

Do Wood and Gas Ovens Heat the Same? Heating an oven with wood is faster then using gas. As you...

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Mugnaini Headquarters

Welcome to Healdsburg!

Our new headquarters in California Wine Country has so many benefits, including making us more accessible to our buyers who...

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Firebrick for wood fired ovens

What is a Firebrick?

What is Firebrick and why use it for the oven floor? The word firebrick has no universal, specific definition we...

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