Say it’s the middle of the week. You’ve had a long day at work and when you come home, the last thing on your mind is preparing an involved dinner. Let’s make it a little easier — light a fire at the front of your oven, once it breaks down, slide our Tuscan grill over the coals and cook your steak, fish, or vegetables! You can be grilling delicious summer recipes in less than 20 minutes!

Open up the flavorful world of Mugnaini grilling, get started with your Tuscan grilling adventures!

Here are a few Delicious Recipe Ideas

Spiedini  (Marinated skewers of mixed meats layered with pancetta and fresh sage)

Grilled Swordfish in Agrodolce

Grilled Swordfish in Agrodolce

Dry Rubbed Steak with Wood Roasted Corn Salsa

Dry Rubbed Steak with Wood Roasted Corn Salsa

Crostini with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Crostini with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Really, the grilling possibilities are endless. We frequently grill wedges of radicchio, corn on the cob, peppers and even tortillas and toast. Plus, cooking over coals gives you that delicious smoky wood flavor, so feel free to add moistened flavor chips like you would on a BBQ.

So, open up the flavorful world of Mugnaini grilling, just in time for the warm days and mild evenings of the summer.

A note about the grills⁠ — our Tuscan grills actually come from Tuscany and are made specifically for pizza ovens. The all welded construction will last a lifetime.

Featured Products:
Important features and benefits include:
  • All stainless-steel construction for fast preheat and easy cleaning.
  • Two-piece design allows you to move grill top without disturbing coal bed.
  • Low 2″ height is ideal for grilling and use in pizza ovens.
  • Lightweight for ease of use and storage.

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