Mobile Pizza Ovens

The Mugnaini factory assembled oven models are the perfect mobile pizza oven solution.

A mobile wood-fired pizza oven has a lot of demands placed on it. Not only should the oven perform at restaurant levels but also the oven needs to be structurally sound to travel on the road. Our 6″ shock absorbing thermal mass not only dampens the road shock, it also offers incredible recovery time to the deck.

Our interlocking oven components are self-supporting and defined modular pizza ovens 40-years ago. Add our three-layered insulation/thermal mass technology and you have an oven that is locked in place yet still maintains resiliency due to expansion joints in the crown. Mugnaini mobile ovens have been in service for over 10-years logging countless miles. We ship our pizza ovens direct to all of North America: the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Mugnaini Mobile Pizza Oven

Surefire_Pizza_UtahThe Trailer

Our most popular combination for a mobile pizza oven has been this compact model. Our mobile trailer was designed from the ground up for wood fired cooking and the size offers the most flexibility when working events. Professional caterers have told us, “This trailer has excellent towing characteristics and is essential for getting into the tight confines I am often faced with.”

The Oven

The oven of choice is our Commercial Model 120 factory assembled wood fired oven. The 120 has been the standard for all commercial ovens since the 1970s and is still the most imitated model on the market.

Mugnaini Mobile Pizza Oven features & benefits:

  • FredsBestPizza_Truck&Trailer_2Commercial 120 Model oven with 48″ round deck
  • Four storage compartments
  • 3900 pound trailer & oven combined
  • Locking oven door
  • Fast start up with excellent heat retention
  • Professionally built trailer with brakes
  • Removable chimney stack
  • Removable oven

Download Specification Sheets (PDF)

The Mugnaini Mobile Oven costs $23,500. Custom options are available.