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Masonry Pizza Oven Kits


Italy’s Original Pre-Fab Pizza Oven


Our Masonry Oven Kits are the internal oven parts used to assemble your pizza oven on your concrete platform.

All kits include the legendary Valoriani oven components, made in Tuscany, a choice of arch styles, an exhaust manifold and insulating blanket.

Specification sheets and manuals can be downloaded below. Use these for planning or modify to fit your dreams.

We stock oven building materials and are available for consultations. Be sure to check our informative Blog posts below and our Pre-Assembled ovens.

Piccolo 80 AOS Kit $2550

2 - 12" pizza
1 small turkey + side dish

31 1/2" Cooking Surface: Small in size with big performance. Properly scaled for cooking with a live fire.

Spec Sheet Manual Learn More

Medio 100 AOS Kit $2950

3 - 12" pizza
1 large turkey + side dish

38" Cooking Surface: Features a full size mouth to fit any cookware. The extra space allows multiple dishes.

Spec Sheet Manual Learn More

Medio 110 AOS Kit $3550

4 - 12" pizzas
1 large turkey + side dish

43" Cooking Surface: Our most popular oven for decades, a perfect balance for cooking and entertaining.

Spec Sheet Manual Learn More

Prima 100 AOS Kit $4950

3 - 12" pizza
1 large turkey + side dish

38" Cooking Surface: A true commercial oven sized for the homeowner. A great choice for the serious chef.

Spec Sheet Manual Learn More

Prima 120 AOS Kit $5950

6 - 12" pizza
x 6
2 large turkeys + side dish
icon-turkey icon-turkey

48" Cooking Surface: The choice of celebrity chefs and serious entertainers. There is no finer oven made!

Spec Sheet Manual Learn More

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Mugnaini Residential Oven Models


Piccolo 60

Piccolo 80

Medio 100

Medio 110

Prima 100

Prima 120

Cooking Capacity
12" Pizzas 1 2 3 4 3 6
1 lb. Loaves 3 5 6 8 6 10
Roasting Pans 1 – 15"x12" 1 – 15"x12" 1 – 16"x13" 2 – 16"x13" 1 – 16"x13" 3 – 16"x13"
Turkey Size none 1 small 1 large 1 large 1 large 2 large
Oven Performance
Cold Startup Time 30 min. 30-45 min. 40-60 min. 60-75 min. 75-90 min. 90 min.
Component Weight 325 lbs. 340 lbs. 545 lbs. 670 lbs. 1050 lbs. 1320 lbs.
Heat Holding Not applicable 250° - 350° Overnight 250° - 350° Overnight 250° - 350° Overnight 450° - 550° Overnight 450° - 550° Overnight
Oven Dimensions
Cooking Surface 24"w x 26"d 30"w x 35"d 38"w x 43"d 43"w x 48"d 38"w x 42"d 48"w x 52"d
Arch Opening 14"w x 8 1/4"h 17"w x 7 ½"h 22"w x 11"h 22"w x 11"h 23"w x 11"h 23"w x 11"h
Exterior Dimensions (Masonry Kit) 33"w x 33"d 56"w x 52"d 64"w x 60"d 68"w x 64"d 64"w x 56"d 72"w x 64"d
Exterior Dimensions (Pre-Assembled) 33"w x 33"d 42"w x 45"d 50"w x 53"d 56"w x 59"d 54"w x 50"d 62"w x 53"d
Masonry kit vs. pre-assembled

Masonry Kit vs. Pre-Assembled

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Wood vs. gas

Wood vs. Gas

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Masonry oven kits come in many sizes

What Size is Right For Me

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