Model 140 Masonry Pizza Oven Kit

Our most popular size, ideal for high volume pizzerias.

The Model 140 is our most popular size for restaurants. It has a cooking surface 54″ round and larger thermal mass for peak efficiency and great carry-over heat.

This commercial wood fired pizza oven comes in kit form for assembly on your masonry base. Kit includes: 2 1/2″ thick firebrick floor with one-piece front sill, 3-4″ thick refractory dome pieces, stainless steel exhaust manifold, precast brick arch with stainless steel door, and insulation blanket.

Gas burners are available at additional charge.

Startup Time:

30-40 Mins.

Heat Holding:

250 - 350 Overnight


10 – 12″ Pizzas | 140 per hour

Interior dimensions
Cooking Surface: 54″w x 60″d
Exterior dimensions
80″w x 72″d
(may vary based on enclosure type)