Model 180 x 140 Masonry Pizza Oven Kit

Ideal for high volume roasting and baking extra large pizzas.

The Commercial Model 180×140 maintains the 140 cm width that offers the perfect flame path for pizza but has a 71″ deep deck. It is ideal for high volume roasting and baking larger 16″ pizzas.

This commercial wood fired pizza oven comes in kit form for assembly on your masonry base. Kit includes: 2 1/2″ thick firebrick floor with one-piece front sill, 3-4″ thick refractory dome pieces, stainless steel exhaust manifold, precast brick arch with stainless steel door, and insulation blanket.

Gas burners are available at additional charge.

Startup Time:

30-40 Mins.

Heat Holding:

250 - 350 Overnight


14 – 12″ Pizzas | 220 per hour

Interior dimensions
54″ w x 75″ d
Exterior dimensions
70″ w x 82″ d