Model 180 x 140 Pre-Assembled

$22950.00 -$25500.00
Ideal for high volume roasting and baking x-large pizzas.

The Commercial Model 180×140 maintains the 140 cm width that offers the perfect flame path for pizza but has the space to cook multiple menu items at the same time. It is ideal for high volume roasting and baking larger 16″ pizzas.

The oven comes fully assembled with a choice of shapes and finishes.

Startup Time:

30-40 Mins.

Heat Holding:

250 - 350 Overnight


14 – 12″ Pizzas | 220 per hour

Ordering a Pre-Assembled Oven, Portable Oven or a Masonry Kit requires planning in advance. Our experienced staff is available to walk you through the steps from choosing an apporpriate oven or kit to having it delivered to your home.Please call 888.887.7206 for more details and ordering information.
Interior dimensions
54″ w x 75″ d
Exterior dimensions
70″ w x 82″ d

Fuel Options

Enclosure Options

Arch Options

Exterior Options*

Stand Options*

Finish Options*

  Gas Barrel Brick Stucco 2" Paint  
  Wood Built In  Precast 3"  Metal 3" Tile  
  Wood/Gas Combo Dome Conical Precast 5"    No Stand    
   Wood/Gas Automatic Dome Neopolitan     Custom    
    Dome Standard          

*Options dependant on the Enclosure selected. Please contact us at 888.887.7206 for a consultation to customize your ideal oven.