Piccolo 75 Portable Oven

$5500.00 -$7500.00
Entertain in style with an authentic portable Italian Pizza Oven.

Entertain in style with an authentic Italian Pizza Oven. Bake pizzas, roast meats and vegetables or bake bread with the retained heat. Built just like our world famous ovens with a full refractory clay dome and firebrick floor, double insulated and wrapped in a sleek, sturdy steel shell.

Available in traditional wood or gas fired options, your oven is delivered to your door ready to use with a full set of cooking utensils. You’ll be cooking delicious pizzas, meats, fish, veggies⁠—even baking breads and desserts⁠—in no time.


1 - 12" Pizza or

2 Sides



Interior dimensions
Cooking Area: 29 1/2″ w x 29 1/2″ d
Arch Opening: 14″ w x 8.25″ h
Exterior dimensions
39″ w x 39″ d