Piccolo 80 Masonry Pizza Oven Kit

A small oven that offers professional results.

The Piccolo 80 provides the same cooking dynamics as our larger models. Its capacity is comparable to a standard 30″ home oven and due to its small size requires minimal firewood. It’s an excellent choice when complimenting an outdoor kitchen with a variety of appliances. And indoor installations are made easy with the efficient footprint of our pre-assembled Built-In model.

Piccolo oven owners have proven to be very loyal to this size. Even when moving into new homes they purchase another Piccolo. When asked if he would like a larger oven for his new kitchen, Joe M responded “It heats up quickly, I bake pizzas, roast fish and vegetables; yeah I’m going to stick with the Piccolo”.

Startup Time:

30 - 40 min

Heat Holding:

250 - 350 Overnight


2 – 12″ Pizzas

1 Side

Interior dimensions
Cooking Area: 38″ w x 42″ d
Exterior dimensions
54″ w x 50″ d