The Mugnaini Advantage

From taking your family meals to the next level to dazzling friends with your oven wizardry to opening your dream restaurant, Mugnaini wood fired ovens are built with the finest materials for superior performance. Open up a world of delicious possibilities.

America’s Most Experienced Wood Fired Oven Company

Valoriani — Italy's Original Modular Pizza Oven

Refrattari Valoriani’s groundbreaking pizza oven design was patented in 1946 and became the blueprint for the industry. Today, each oven is still handcrafted by artisans in Tuscany. Andrea Mugnaini partnered with Valoriani in 1989 to define a range of pizza ovens for the North American market. Her genius was to merge elements of residential and commercial ovens to create the Mugnaini line of pizza ovens featuring key elements not found in any other brand.


Setting The Standard for Over 30 Years

With a genuine passion for authentic Italian wood fired oven cooking, Andrea Mugnaini started the company to share the heartfelt style of cooking and entertaining with a traditional wood fired pizza oven. As the author of the book The Art of Wood Fired Cooking, Andrea has demystified the wood-burning oven, demonstrated its superiority as a cooking appliance and set the standard for wood fired cooking and entertaining in the west.

Andrea Mugnaini

An Oven for Every Home or Restaurant

Mugnaini offers the most varieties and sizes of pizza ovens in the marketplace. With the addition of our new portable ovens, there’s no barrier to enjoying authentic open-hearth cooking. With six sizes to choose from, we offer home ovens in two levels: our original residential or true commercial grade models. For restaurateurs, we offer eight sizes of ovens to ensure you get the perfect fit for your style of cooking. All Mugnaini ovens are available as wood or gas fired, preassembled in multiple shapes or in a masonry kit. Custom work is also available.

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Classic Design and Timeless Materials

The dual-density dome found in our Piccolo and Medio ovens was breakthrough technology in the 1940s and still proves to be the best design for a fast start up and ease of use. Since the oven floor is both structural and your cooking surface, material choice and construction is crucial. Firebrick has long proven to be the material of choice in a pizza oven. Valoriani is the only pizza oven manufacturer that makes a firebrick floor with the ideal porosity to create that perfect crust.